This spacious front-loader with the massive upper gear pack is a firefighter's companion when mass storage is needed. The Wilderness Attack Pack is unmatched in its ability to be customized for any situation and can be easily accessorized to meet your changing needs, in this system the gear pack is the main asset. 


For even more room, we’ve paired the spacious Wilderness Gear Pack with our Initial Attack Pack for a whopping 6200 cubic inches of storage! Also includes multiple interior and exterior pockets including a tank pocket for a100oz, a hydration tank and full compression strapping with easy and convenient front-load capability.


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THIS PACK IS OFTEN USED TO SPIKE INTO BASE CAMP, ONCE THERE DROP YOUR UPPER GEAR PACK AND YOU HAVE YOUR LINE GEAR HANDY, THIS IS OUR PREMIER INITIAL ATTACK SYSTEM! Black is standard, Other colors Red, green and blue may be ordered special order and may require an additional 2+ weeks for delivery. *Please allow min one week ship on small orders and 4 weeks on larger orders, this time will increase as the season continues*

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