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“Some of my crews think that the Nimrod pack is the ultimate. Since they are happy and effective I will continue to purchase whatever equipment it takes. Right now that is the Nimrod pack." — Fire Supervisor

“I would like to take a moment to compliment your company on you continued commitment to what we feel is industry leading quality and commitment to customer needs and satisfaction. My hunting partner and I have been using your packs for over ten years now. We have used your products extensively in our elk adventures, without on failure. I can attest to the fact that you build a bullet proof pack and we have overloaded your packs with elk a great many times and the seams, zippers and straps have never failed. Thanks again for building a great product!"—Steve S.

I love your pack system. I was issued a Nimrod pack and loved it. Now I am with a different agency and we have a different company’s pack, I can’t stand them. Your pack ruined me for all other packs. I am trying to get our equipment officer to start buying Nimrod. I may have to just buy my own, but it will be money well spent!
— Troy D. 



“Every time I wear my pack elk hunting, no one can believe how awesome it carries the mass of stuff I take. I try to tell guys not to waste their $$$ on other packs because none can compare to the way yours lives up to the way these are built."—Bigdog

"Hi, I'm a big fan of your products and have been carrying one of your I-A packs in Montana for the past two years. I recently accepted a job in the Great Smokey Mountains and I'm now stuck with sub-par line gear, or I can purchase my own. Several of the people I work with are looking into purchasing their own gear as well and we were wondering if there was any sort of discount available for government personnel who use products like yours in the field on a daily bases. We are part of a fire Use Module based out of G S M N Park and spend as much time working in rugged conditions as possible and require gear that will stand up and not let us down, the Nimrod pack I've had out west has proven itself to me and I hope to continue relying on these well made packs. Thanks for your time." - William E.

This is a great company. The customer service is the best I have seen! I would recommend their packs to anyone who is interested in the best pack you can buy!
— E.B.

"Your fire packs are the best I have used!!” -R.L.

“The Bino-topia bino suspender is a very nice product! The neoprene yoke on the back stretches easily allowing small movement so you don't feel the optics bouncing as you walk. The elastic straps on the bottom keep the optics snug against you body while you move, yet allow raising them easily to view objects when needed. They also help steady the binocs making it easier to use higher power magnification. The method of attaching to the optics is strong, secure and very quiet. It will not mar the surface like some of the other brands with plastic or metal rings. So far I am very happy with this product." — Alan J.

I just got the Line Pack and have taken it out for a day hike and it has to be the most comfortable pack I have ever worn. Being a big guy, most packs are not really comfortable for me around my shoulders, but this one feels like it was made just for me- I love it!!
— P.M.


“My shopping experience was wonderful with this merchant. The customer service was professional and timely. I would return to this merchant and recommend this merchant to anyone looking for the equipment they provide."— Rich S.