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Do you offer custom sizing? 

Custom sizes are available, call 360-490-8027 for more info, if you need it larger or even smaller, not a problem, just let us know, this custom feature only costs about $20.00. We offer several sizes in all our back packs that equates to a much higher level of performance. The packs are sized to fit over jackets and clothes so over-sizing is not required.

What if my pack gets worn and torn? 

It is unlikely that any of our product should experience abuse or broken parts but fear not we can bring her back to her former beauty with a replacement part. All Nimrod products are lifetime guaranteed. 

What NFPA fire specs do you meet?

Nimrod Pack System's products meet and exceed all of NFPA Fire Specs including: Dot for fire suppression, Dot reflective specs, and new generation shelter housing with eject strap and high visibility markers. All products are also US Federal Government System Award Management (SAM) compliant. 

Are you green business certified? 

Yes! Nimrod Pack Systems employ the policies and practices to be green business compliant. We certify that the policies and procedures are true, are followed and maintained to the best of our ability and knowledge. Nimrod Pack Systems also aspires to other green business policies in use and new green procedures and techniques are continually being sought. 

Do you offer a Military, LE, or Firefighter discount on your packs?

We do offer discounts on large orders. For details and questions about our discounts please call or email.

What is your return policy?

As long a a pack is returned within two weeks and in a condition that it can be resold as new we do offer a full refund policy.

I'm right in-between sizes. Should I size up or size down?

Proper sizing of our packs is a key element to their comfort. If you are sized somewhere in the middle please call or email and we can help you get the right fit.

Where are your products made?

All of Nimrod Pack System's products are proudly made in the USA. We keep our production close to home to ensure only the highest quality materials and that all production facilities adopt our quality standards and techniques. We work closely with our facilities and engineers for consistent quality to meet top Nimrod Pack standards and your needs. 

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