AMERICAN MADE: NIMROD PACK SYSTEMS has been building equipment for the firefighting community for over 25 years right here in the USA! The term "American Made" is used about as loosely as the word "waterproof" either it is or it is not! We build the complete Nimrod Pack System in Inland Northwest USA not merely a US company that attaches one Chinese piece to another Chinese piece, box it, and call it US made, not quite! Americans engineer, design, cut, build and sew all Nimrod packs and accessories. We pay prevailing wages for our workforce and aspire to offer Nimrod employees with a quality, safe workplace and environment. We care about our people and consider them a part of the Nimrod family! Please keep Americans working, buy true American made products! Thank you!

COMMERCIAL WARRANTY: Against premature failure due to defects in materials or workmanship for 5-7 years under normal commercial use. Call a service representative for more information. Nimrod also can service commercial gear that is damaged as a result of normal wear and tear and incidental damage, please call for quotes. Please do not send any equipment without first obtaining a RA number and instructions on a return! LIMITATIONS & EXCEPTIONS: warranties apply to the products natural service life not normal wear and tear or any incidental damage or abuse! Nimrod can repair these products at a industry standard pricing estimated upon inspection from our service agent.

WARRANTY PERFORMANCE One great feature with a Nimrod pack is that if you do have a damaged component, (lets say like a burned shoulder harness), you can replace only that component. What ever component, there is a replacement part that we can provide. This is typically always less expensive and offers far less cost to the pack user after figuring in shipping handling and whatever repairs and parts may be needed. In the event your pack or packs require service outside of a replacement part, you can call Nimrod for instructions and cost evaluations. All packs sent to Nimrod for service require a RA NUMBER that is offered at time of evaluation call. After the RA number is attained the following procedure must be followed. * All equipment returned for service must be completely well cleaned and dry. (OSHA standards) * Equipment received unclean will be returned to sender or a $30 per pack charge will be assessed for laundering. * Packs need to be flagged for all repairs required. * Allow 4-6 weeks for repairs. * Questions please call: 360-490-8027